Preserving sight for over 50 years

About Us

South Coast Retina Center Celebrates a Legacy of Excellence

In a remarkable journey spanning more than five decades, South Coast Retina Center, founded in 1972, has emerged as a beacon of excellence in preserving and preventing visual loss across Southern California. Originally rooted in Long Beach, the practice has strategically expanded its reach to serve the Torrance, Huntington Beach, and Newport Beach communities.

Comprising a stellar team of five highly skilled retina surgeons, namely Drs. Randall Nguyen, Michael L. Roh, Julie L. Gasperini, Cindy Ung, Brent C. Norman, and Andy Han, South Coast Retina Center boasts a wealth of expertise. All physicians are Board Certified and have completed prestigious medical retina fellowships nationwide.

Notably, the center is at the forefront of offering diverse treatment options, extending to the inclusions of patients in groundbreaking clinical trial research programs. Patients have lauded these programs for providing access to innovative treatments otherwise unavailable. Supported by a highly trained Ancillary staff, many aspiring towards their medical degrees, the center ensures comprehensive assistance throughout the treatment journey.

A distinguishing feature of South Coast Retina Center is its commitment to overcoming financial barriers for patients. Over the years, the center has streamlined processes to facilitate patient access to expensive medications crucial for treating complications related to macular degeneration and diabetes. This dedication has resulted in less than 1% of patients, bearing any out-of-pocket expenses for their medication.

Operating across 25 hospitals and surgery centers in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, SCRC stands as a testament to unwavering dedication, cutting-edge expertise, and a legacy of community service. Explore our Copay Assistance page to learn more about our commitment to making quality eye care accessible to all.